Application Data Directory

    Operating System Path
    Windows %localappdata%\OpenTabletDriver
    Linux ~/.config/OpenTabletDriver
    macOS ~/Library/Application Support/OpenTabletDriver

    Command Line Arguments


    Argument Description
    --minimized or -m Starts the application in a minimized state.


    Argument Description
    --appdata or -a Specifies the application data directory.
    --config or -c Specifies the configurations directory.

    Are Wacom Intuos tablets supported?

    Yes, most Wacom Intuos tablets are supported. Check the back of your tablet for the model number, then check here.

    Proprietary Driver Area Conversions

    This can be performed from the UI or calculated manually.

    OpenTabletDriver UI

    1. Right click the tablet area editor
    2. Click the convert item menu item
    3. Select the OEM driver and insert your area values

    Manual Area Conversion

    Check the configuration file for your tablet here or within the driver for properly calculated digitizer dimensions in millimeters.

    Note: Huion and Gaomon areas use a "percentage area", which uses a percentage of the tablet's maximum area to calculate the area.
    You must know your tablet's digitizer dimensions in millimeters in order to properly convert these areas.
    This is automatically handled in the UI, for the best results it is recommended to use it for converting from these proprietary drivers.
    Driver Formulas
    Wacom, VEIKK Width = (Right - Left) / 100
    Height = (Bottom - Top) / 100
    X Offset = (Left / 100) + (Width / 2)
    Y Offset = (Top / 100) + (Height / 2)
    XP-Pen Width = W / 3.937
    Height = H / 3.937
    X Offset = (Width / 2) + (X / 3.937)
    Y Offset = (Height / 2) + (Y / 3.937)
    Huion, Gaomon Width = (Right - Left) * tabletWidth
    Height = (Bottom - Top) * tabletHeight
    X Offset = (Width / 2) + (Left * tabletWidth)
    Y Offset = (Height / 2) + (Top * tabletHeight)