To view the current logs, click on the Console tab. Optionally, change filter from Information to Debug for more detailed logs.

You can also find previous logs in the Logs/ folder of the application data location. See more in the Daemon log section.

To export logs, click HelpExport diagnostics in the top menu bar.


The output from daemon is logged to the Logs/ folder.

On Linux when running daemon via systemd service, the log for the daemon is also recorded by systemd. To view that log, run the following command as your user:

journalctl --user-unit opentabletdriver.service

Daemon Log Location

If the daemon crashes from an “unrecoverable” exception, the error is appended to the log file. It contains a stack trace defining where the error happened, which is useful for debugging.

Up to 20 log files will be stored in the Logs/ folder, using the date of when the daemon started as a file name.

The log files are formatted in an almost-JSON format. It is likely they are missing the array end (]) which some JSON parsers do not like. However, the format remains mostly human-readable.

The Logs/ folder is in the application data folder, located here:

Operating System Path
Windows %localappdata%\OpenTabletDriver
Linux ~/.config/OpenTabletDriver
macOS ~/Library/Application Support/OpenTabletDriver

For more details on what else is contained in OpenTabletDriver’s application data, see here