Windows FAQ


    Supported tablet not detected

    This is most commonly the result of manufacturer driver leftovers.

    1. Uninstall any tablet drivers that are currently installed.
      Deleting files is not a proper method to uninstall drivers, it will cause issues. Use the Settings app or Control Panel instead.
    2. Use the WinUSBCleanup script to automatically clean up any leftovers that uninstallers failed to clean up.

    Teleporting cursor position

    This occurs because another tablet driver is sending input. To resolve this, uninstall all other tablet drivers on your computer, then replug your tablet.

    Input does not work in osu!

    Disable Map raw input to osu! window in the ingame settings.

    OpenTabletDriver has since v0.4.0 supported Raw Input as it uses the Windows SendInput API to position the cursor.
    Therefore, it is not necessary to disable raw input itself.

    Windows Ink pressure support

    OpenTabletDriver has many plugins that implement different features. WindowsInk is one of these plugins, as given in the plugins name, it allows for use of the Windows Ink pressure api. To use it, follow below.

    1. Install VMulti Driver (This is NOT VMultiMode)
    2. Follow the instructions from the WindowsInk wiki
    3. Make sure that the application you are trying drawing in is set to WindowsInk/Windows 8+ Mode and the brush you are using has pressure support!

    Note: Recently, a change in Windows made it so Windows Ink's and normal Mouse's cursor position is handled separately. This makes it so your cursor will appear to "jump" when switching from tablet to mouse while using Windows Ink output modes. This is not a bug of OpenTabletDriver but rather one of Windows.

    Stuck at connecting to Daemon

    This is usually caused by one of two things. Either you didn't follow the installation guide correctly or the settings file is corrupted. To remedy this case follow this below.

    1. Press Win + R and type in %localappdata%\OpenTabletDriver
    2. Delete or move the settings.json file from inside this folder.
    3. If this persists after also remove the Plugins folder.

    Open at startup

    Starting OpenTabletDriver at login can be performed quite easily. This can be done for nearly any program, although there may be better ways to do it for those programs.

    1. Right click OpenTabletDriver.UX.Wpf.exe and create a shortcut.
    2. Press Win + R and type in shell:startup
    3. Move the shortcut into the folder that opened.

    Starting OpenTabletDriver minimised can also be done by changing the properties of a shortcut. To do this, right click the OpenTabletDriver shortcut, go to properties > run > minimised.

    OpenTabletDriver gives an Administrator warning

    When Starting OpenTabletDriver you may get an error warning you about Administrator Permissions. OpenTabletDriver shouldn't be run as Administrator. This causes the plugin manager, FAQ page and Tablet debugger to not work along with other features.

    1. Press the Windows key and search User Account Control.
    2. Move the slider to one of the top 2 options.
    3. Click OK, then restart your computer.

    If this does not solve the issue, check that you are not using the "Administrator" named account as it overrides User Account Control.

    Blank window or crashing when opening OpenTabletDriver

    This can be caused by RivaTuner Statistics Server attempting to hook onto OpenTabletDriver, preventing the UX from responding due to failed hooks. If you use this application, make sure it doesn't hook onto OpenTabletDriver.

    1. Open RivaTuner Statistics Server.
    2. Click on Add button found in the bottom left corner.
    3. Locate OpenTabletDriver.UX.Wpf.exe on your computer then select it. Refer here for more information.
    4. Click on Application Detection Level then select "None".

    Using VMulti to play Valorant

    Vanguard (Valorants anticheat) requires a workaround to play Valorant with a tablet. As it requires Kernel level input you can use VMulti to mitigate some of the restrictions that Vanguard uses to stop tablet use. However, there will still be some restrcitions due to you not playing with a physical mouse.

    1. Install VMulti Driver
    2. Install and setup the VMultiMode plugin.
    3. Run Valorant by tapping with your tablet (Important due to Valorant only using the first "mouse" input)
    4. Do not move your mouse while valorant is still loading (this will make valorant use the mouse over the tablet.)

    Vanguard Quirks:
    As VMulti is considered a separate input source from an actual physical mouse, Vanguard imposes several limitations to it.

    1. You won't be able to press left click while pressing a non-modifier keyboard key (for ex. WASD) and shift, we will call these keys from here onward as protected keys.
    2. Every time you press a protected key, the next two left clicks will always be dropped.
    3. If left click is held first and then a protected key is pressed, the left click will sometimes be dropped.

    There is no fix this, as even Logitech G Hub, Razer Synapse, HawkuTD, DevocubTD, and even XP-Pen, Huion, Gaomon, Veikk drivers are affected without exceptions. As long as the input source is not a real physical mouse, Vanguard will impose such quirks intentionally.