Linux App-specific FAQ


osu! is not detecting input from my tablet (Wayland)

Do not use Absolute Mode as your output mode. Use Artist Mode instead. Wine and XWayland currently has issues with parsing absolute mouse input.

Please note that libinput adds smoothing on top of this output mode by default. See here for more information on how to remove the smoothing from Artist Mode.


My cursor is stuck (Wayland)

Make sure you set the SDL_VIDEODRIVER to wayland. Some examples:

env SDL_VIDEODRIVER=wayland ./osu.AppImage
env SDL_VIDEODRIVER=wayland osu-lazer

Art Programs

Firstly, make sure your output mode is set to Artist Mode

You can confirm the setting is applied by running the following command and verifying that at least 1 listed device contains ‘Artist’ in the name:

libinput list-devices | grep -i OpenTabletDriver

If your program still does not work after ensuring the output mode has been set in the driver, please read on.


  1. Go to ‘Edit -> Input Devices’ in the GIMP Toolbar
  2. Make sure any of the devices matching the following settings are set to ‘Mode: Screen’ in the right hand panel
    • Core Pointer
    • xwayland-tablet eraser, if present
    • xwayland-tablet stylus, if present
    • OpenTabletDriver Virtual Artist Tablet Pen, if present and on X11

      Any devices not in the list above should have their Mode set to Disabled

  3. Ensure your chosen tool supports pressure
    • Most tools support this by using the ‘Basic Dynamics’ Dynamic profile in the Tool Options Dialog

      If you can’t find the tool options, they can be found in ‘Windows -> Dockable Dialogs -> Tool Options’ in the GIMP Toolbar